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Word of the Week: Antiquing

Time for another weekly shoe vocabulary lesson! Today’s word: “antiquing” [an-tee-king]

What is Shoe Antiquing?

Antiquing is the process by which certain areas of older shoes darken as they absorb oils and shoe care products. In normal wear, antiquing occurs around the toe box and the sides of the vamp. But antiquing doesn’t only happen with normal wear; some shoe designers manufacture the contrasting, rubbed-off appearance to give new shoes more character.

Antiqued boots are a staple for fall, so go ahead and bring out your favorite, time-tested pairs. Have a newer pair in your closet that could use a little more “character”? You can antique your shoes in minutes!

If you’re in the market for new boots, several of the hottest boot styles feature an antiqued look. It must be my Kansas roots, but I’m loving the western-inspired Frye Melissa Button Boot ($367.95 at shoes.com). This classic pull-on style looks buttery soft and would be a great companion for any casual fall outfit. Plus, you just can’t go wrong with Frye boots.

Frye Melissa Button Boot on Shoes.com
Frye Melissa Button Boot, $367.95 at shoes.com

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