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Squatchi: A Bigfoot Sizer for Little Feet

We just ushered in the first day of Autumn and school is now well underway, but if you have little ones you know that the shoe shopping never ends! Now you can shop for shoes for your kids from the comfort of your home, and know that the shoes will fit, thanks to Squatchi!

Squatchi is a home shoe-sizing tool that works just as well as professional shoe-sizers found in retail shoe stores. Simply place your child’s foot at the curved end at the back of the Squatchi to find their perfect size. Mark their foot measurements year after year for a fun keepsake. Plus, the shoe sizer comes in a variety of fun colors and is made of plastic rather than cold metal, so measuring feels more like a game than a visit to the doctor’s office.

Never again suffer through hours at the mall trying to find shoes that fit your kids. Find their current size fast, and then buy the shoes they need online! Get a Squatchi for $19.99 on

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