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This Summer’s Top Footwear Trends

Summer’s well on its way and with it, a whole host of new footwear trends to enjoy. Whether you’re a high heel lover or into something a little more comfortable, there are styles to suit all tastes! So let’s get on with it and see which shoes you’ll be wearing this season.

Image credit: Mark Colliton Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/52814185@N02/15563417943/sizes/m/
Image credit: Mark Colliton Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/52814185@N02/15563417943/sizes/m/


Love them or hate them, 90s mules are making a comeback! Worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker in the early Sex And The City days, everyone who is everyone will be wearing mules this summer. They’ve already been spotted on the likes of Kate Moss, Emma Stone and more recently, Jennifer Lawrence.

If you’re after a pair of stylish, yet versatile shoes for the summer, mules make a fabulous choice. Slip them on and off with ease and achieve an effortless look by pairing them with a casual jeans and t-shirt combination.

Image credit: Philippe Put Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/34547181@N00/5747343387/sizes/m/


Seventies fashion is so hot right now that it’s not surprising that platforms are one of the top summer footwear trends for 2015. If you’re more disco then boho, then this will be the shoe for you!

What’s great about platforms is that they not only add the wow factor to your outfits and help to lengthen your legs but they’re also very comfortable. The towering platform helps to spread some of the weight, so you’ll be able to wear them in comfort all night long.

lace up flats
Image credit: JessJamesJake Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/jessjamesjake/5774041242/sizes/m/

Lace-up flats

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between style and comfort, you’ll love the lace-up flats trend. Pick out a pair with lacing that ties above your ankle or if you’re feeling a little daring, half way up your calf. There’s something subtly sexy about these flats that add an element of interest to both day and night time outfits.

Pick out a pair of lace-up sandals for your holiday and wear them with your favorite summer dresses. All eyes will be on you!

pointy toe heels
Image credit: Ryan McGuire IM Creator – http://www.imcreator.com/free/getting-sexy

Pointy toe heels

Pointy toe heels are what we like to call a marmite trend – some people love them, whereas others can’t stand them! Either way, they’re great for lengthening the legs and look extremely sophisticated, whether paired with a little black dress or a pair of skinny jeans.

It’s best to try on a pair of pointy toe heels before committing to a purchase. Some people find them comfortable to walk in, whereas others feel they’re too constricting on the toes.

Image credit: chambrayandcurls Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/chambrayandcurls/10383558174/sizes/m/


Forget flip-flops! This summer it’s all about flatforms. Pick an open-toed style and pair them with your favourite denim cut-offs or even a seventies-inspired boho dress. Flatforms give you a little extra height, yet are still comfortable and practical for long walks on the beach.

metallic flat sandals
Image credit: telepathicparanoia Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/donutgirl/3844215431/sizes/m/

Metallic Shoes

Make your outfits shine this summer with a gorgeous pair of metallic shoes or sandals. Everything from warm toned copper and gold shades to cool tones silvers are in. They’ll add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your outfits and will go with almost every other color!

fringe sandals
Image credit: …love Maegan Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovemaegan/3661888888/sizes/m/

Fringed Shoes

Last but not least, if you’re looking for statement shoes for summer, pick up a pair with fringed detail. From skyscraper heels to casual sandals, there are plenty of fringed pairs for you to choose from. They’re ideal for getting that boho beach babe look and will jazz up even the plainest of outfits this summer.

So there we have the top summer footwear trends! Which ones will you be rocking?


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