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High Heels That Don’t Hurt? Design Comfort Shoes Has You Covered

Let’s face it – you and I are a special kind of masochist. Over and over again we cram our feet into punishing shoes, knowing that at some point, they’re gonna hurt us. It seems we have two choices: either grin and bear it for the sake of being en vogue, or surrender to wearing frumpy orthopedic shoes.

After suffering from blisters, toe cramping and bunions in the name of fashion, Ilene Greenberg decided enough was enough. Fed up with the lack of high-tech high heel options available, she created Irresistible by Design Comfort Shoes. Launched in November 2014, the shoe line marries style with comfort.

“We are changing a woman’s perception of what to expect in a stylish shoe by engineering into every pair patent pending comfort elements that reduce impact and stress to the foot.”

The technology

  • Shock absorbers in the platform reduce stress and impact to the foot.
  • Signature stretch panel in the bunion area stretches for those who need it. It also functions as a fashion signature statement for those who don’t.
  • Double plush cushioned footbed with perforations by the ball of the foot allow air to circulate.
  • Reduced slope of the shoe lets the ball of the foot lay flat rather than taking on most of gravity’s impact.
  • Slip resistant outer-sole helps you walk safely, rain or shine.

My review

Always anxious to try out the latest shoe comfort technologies, I jumped at the chance to review a pair of Design Comfort Shoes. I chose The Stephanie, a sultry red peep toe platform with ankle strap. The shoes arrived just in time for my weekend trip to D.C., where I had plenty of dressy nightlife activities planned.


Lightweight. I was shocked when I first picked these shoes up out of the box. They are so light! You can pack these in your suitcase without worrying one bit about added weight. Even with the 1-inch platform and 4-inch heel I had no trouble walking in them.


I can’t stress enough how comfortable these heels are! Not once did my arches or heels ache. Not even after hours of walking and dancing.

Stylish. These aren’t only comfortable shoes; they are HOT heels I’m proud to be seen in! I got compliments all night long from my fashion-savvy friends and strangers alike.

FullSizeRender 15


Well-made. These heels are German engineered and made of leather and other high-quality materials. It’s obvious that the makers pay close attention to every detail to ensure these shoes are comfortable and will last.


Rubbing. While the elastic panel on the inside of each shoe stretches to accommodate a bunion or wider feet, the opposite side is simply leather. This side rubbed my feet a bit, not causing blisters but some irritation after long hours on my feet. This can be easily remedied by stretching out the leather uppers before wearing for the first time. Place a Ziplock bag full of water inside each shoe and put the shoes in the freezer.  After the water expands and freezes, the leather uppers will stretch out.

My verdict

To sum it up, I’m a huge fan of Irresistible by Design Comfort Shoes and will be telling all my friends and family to try them. This shoe company is by far the best company currently in the “comfort heels” market, if you ask me. I’m curious to try out more of the styles to see if each pair is as wonderful as The Stephanie.

You can learn more and buy your own beautiful, comfortable high heels at Let me know which styles you buy or are eyeing in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “High Heels That Don’t Hurt? Design Comfort Shoes Has You Covered

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  2. As far as I know about women’s footwear, wooden heeled clogs offer good value in both comfort and style. These heels also look good and I hope that these are as comfortable as you’ve mentioned.

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