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Tanya Heath Convertible Shoes Change From Heels To Flats With The Click Of A Button

We’ve all wished at one time or another that our painful high heels could magically be transformed into comfortable flats with the wave of a wand. Or that we could simply swap out the heels on a favorite pair of pumps to give them new life. Thanks to up-and-coming designer Tanya Heath, now we can!


  Tanya Heath is revolutionizing women’s footwear by allowing customers to switch between high heels (3.5 inches tall) and low heels (1.5 inches tall) with the push of a button.  Now, you can buy a single pair of quality leather shoes and pair them with either a comfortable low heel, a chunky mid-height heel or a tall stiletto, depending on the occasion. I also imagine packing your shoes becomes easier, as you can simply snap off the heels. Tanya Heath shoes are available in a wide range of styles, from open-toed sandals to knee-high boots. There are hundreds of heels to choose from, so you can customize your favorite shoes however you want. Not only are Tanya Heath’s shoes innovative and practical; they are luxurious. Made in France, the craftsmanship and materials (and price) of these shoes are on par with those by Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin. Shoes range in price from $600 to $1,000 (not including a heel). Not cheap. But when you consider you can transform one pair by switching out the heels (which start at $45), the price suddenly seems fairly reasonable.  


What’s next for this self-taught, Canadian-born designer? Rumor has it, a handbag as revolutionary as these shoes. Tanya plans to continue creating fashionable products that make women look good but also allow them to live their busy lives.

You can buy Tanya Heath’s interchangeable heels at her boutique at 138 Cumberland Street in Toronto’s Yorkville area, or at

Images: Tanya Heath Paris; Instagram (2)

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