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Meteorite Heels: One Giant Leap For Fashion

Alexander Grove and Azusa Murkami, Studio Swine - meteorite heels
Image: Studio Swine

When cutting-edge technology and fashion collide, the results can be truly out of this world. Alexander Grove and Azusa Murkami of Studio Swine have proven this with their outlandish meteorite heels.

Inspired by the comet landing of the ESA in November and sponsored by Microsoft for an ad, the design duo set out to turn aluminum foam into meteorite shoes. They visited the Natural History Museum where they used 3D scanners to make 3D files of meteorite shapes. They then combined traditional shoe-making techniques with CNC milling to craft the rock-shaped heels.

meteorite heels by Studio Swine
Image: Studio Swine

The shoe upper is made of lightweight aluminum foam, which creates a lot of volume with very little weight. This airy material, used for sound insulation inside luxury cars and buildings, gives the shoes a sense of large rocks floating in space.

But these meteorite heels are more than just conversation-starting works of art. The designers claim that the rugged-looking heels are actually quite comfortable, as they are nearly weightless (aluminum foam is 90 percent air) and feature soft Italian leather lining.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be curious to see what Studio Swine designs next. The use of 3D printing technology in fashion has me completely intrigued at the moment. I’ll be talking more in-depth about this exciting trend on Shoe Smitten, so stay tuned!

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