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Just for KiiX: Invisible, Invincible High Heel Protectors

How many times have you ruined a pair of shoes with a nick, scrape or scuff? Well I just found out about a revolutionary new way to protect your high heels from the hazards of everyday wear. They’re called KiiX, and they’re affordable and easy to apply.

Invisible Protection That Lasts

KiiX are simple to apply and remove, and leave no marks or sticky residue. Constructed from advanced polymers and consumer tested on city streets, KiiX heel protectors are engineered to protect your heels from the perils of everyday wear. Even better, they are crystal-clear so your style doesn’t suffer.

KiiX high heel protector application

Easy To Apply

Make sure your heels are clean and dry. Then, peel off the plastic backing and line it up with the center of the back of the heel, directly above the heel cap. Smooth it on the heel, and remove the excess product to fit the heel protector snugly around your heel.

Note: KiiX are not recommended for use on suede, satin, natural snake skin or glitter heels.

How To Buy KiiX

KiiX come in packages of 2 pairs, 4 pairs, and 6 pairs. They are carried in some Nordstrom stores, and online at

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