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Fall Style Inspiration: Socks and Boots

socks and boots

Stop hiding your socks, and let them become a part of your outfit. This trend lets you express your personality while still being extremely practical. You can choose a pair of thick wool over-the-knee socks and let them peek out above your riding boots, or go for a dressier look with knee-high trouser socks and heeled ankle boots. Either way, you’re going to stay warm and look super cute.

I have only one pair of over-the-knee socks…needless to say, I know what I’m asking Santa for this year.

It’s time to layer up! How will you wear your socks and boots this season?

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2 thoughts on “Fall Style Inspiration: Socks and Boots

  1. I’ve been a fan of over-the-knee socks for a while, and have a few pairs. I normally wear them with tall boots and let them peek out of the top. I’ve worn them a few times with high-top sneakers and leggings, but now I think I’ll try them with ankle boots, too! (I just got a cute multicolored pair at H&M if you’re on the hunt).

  2. Yes! Please show me when you give the socks + ankle boots a try! Today I’m wearing classic black riding boots with over-the-knee socks. First time this season. Looking forward to trying other socks + boots combos! (I’ll definitely check out H&M to expand my socks collection)

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