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Fearless Friday: Ballet Heels in the Park

This, ladies, is what you call fearless: Strolling casually through the park in a pair of fiendish ballet heels that put all of your weight squarely on your tip-toes. All the while making it look like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Props.

As painful as these heels look, I’m just a tiny bit curious to try walking at least a few steps in her shoes. But I’m pretty sure it would result in me falling flat on my face.

Back up…what are ballet heels?!

The ballet heel merges the look of the pointe shoe with a super high heel. The ancestors of the ballet heel appeared around the turn of the twentieth century, and the style has gained popularity since the ’80s. Ballet heels force the wearer to walk almost entirely on their toes, or “en pointe”, with the aid of long, slender heels. The heel height is usually seven inches or more. Obviously, these shoes are not made for prolonged walking or standing. They are popular in the fetish community, and some wearers even use arch-training devices and techniques to increase their instep to fit high heels like these.


louboutin ballet heels
image: philly.com

So, what do you think? Would you give them a try?

Ballet heels are available in select stores worldwide and online. If you want to buy a pair, try www.pierresilber.com I’d also suggest you read up on ballet-heel.net. Suzanne covers everything you need to know about ballet heels, from selecting the right pair to how to stay flexible and avoid injuries. Good luck!

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