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Custom Strassed Heels by Numa Boutique

Looking for awe-inspiring special occasion shoes? Rather than splurge on a popular pair of designer shoes, why not create something even more spectacular?


before & after
Before and after…magic!

 Let me introduce you to Numa Boutique, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based shop that offers custom shoe strassing services. Whew, say that 10 times fast!

I’ve never hidden my obsession with all that glitters. Needless to say, when LaTanya of Numa Boutique offered me a custom pair of strassed (aka crystalized) heels, I was more than excited. What could be more fun than envisioning a pair of crystal-bedazzled shoes and seeing that vision come to life?

The Process

LaTanya was a real joy to work with. She helped me choose the right style and color for the shoes, and laid out the game plan from the beginning. I had a great time designing these shoes with her, and they turned out perfect! Thanks to Numa Boutique, I made a grand entrance on New Year’s Eve.

Usually, you would send a pair of new or gently used shoes you have to Numa Boutique for customization. But for the sake of this review, LaTanya used an on-trend pair provided by her distributor. The style I chose was a coral platform sandal. I had suggested either purple or blue, and we decided to dye them purple.

After dying the shoes, LaTanya began adorning the shoes with rhinestones in an AB pattern. If you take a close look at the photo below, bottom left, you can see the alternating smaller and larger stones. Great attention to detail! Take a closer look:

numa salon shoes
The finished results

Within two weeks, the shoes were finished and shipped to me via USPS. Amazing! I’m already planning to work with LaTanya on my wedding shoes (which I’ll be dancing in and showing off all night long).

Design your own custom strassed shoes!

The Raleigh, North Carolina-based boutique custom strasses shoes as well as other items, so let your imagination run wild! Here’s how you can design your own with Numa Boutique:

  1. Fill out Numa Boutique’s online order form. Provide the desired color, material and style of shoe.
  2. Numa Boutique will provide you with a quote based on your chosen embellishments.
  3. Numa Boutique will setup a payment and finance plan if necessary.
  4. You ship a pair of shoes (new or gently used) to Numa Boutique, PO BOX 40752, Raleigh, NC 27629
  5. Upon receipt of your shoes and at least 50% of payment, Numa Boutique will confirm your order details and work will begin.
  6. Numa Boutique will provide photos during production of your custom shoes.
  7. Receive your shoes fully embellished and ready to wear within 2 weeks (Glitter shoes) or eight weeks (Rhinestone and Swarovski shoes)!

If you would like to learn more, visit

I received a free pair of custom decorated shoes from Numa Salon Boutique for the purpose of this review. My thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by compensation.

4 thoughts on “Custom Strassed Heels by Numa Boutique

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  2. I think these are a really great idea for prom or weddings, those once in a while occasions, but maybe not to trot around in everyday. Though it would be too boring not to! Love them.

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