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Wonderful Winter Boot Styles For Women Over Fifty

If you’ve seen more winters than most, you’ll probably understand how easy it is to abandon any sense of style and go for a shoe that is 100 percent practical. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to do both. If your ego (and backside) are still bruised from slippery ice last year, it’s time to pick yourself up and follow this guide to the winter shoe trends this season:

Knee Boots

Hush Puppies knee high boot

Knee boots are an excellent fashion statement that is easy to pull off. Even better, knee boots are incredibly comfortable and lightweight when you’re striding through autumn leaves and winter snow. A boot with a chunkier heel will give you better stability on uneven terrain, so no more slipping and sliding for you!

Pavers has a large selection of knee boots that are perfect for women of any age. This brown leather Hush Puppies boot is a personal favorite of mine. The wooden heel and double buckle detail are bang-on trend this winter. A very empowering look for any professional woman.

Snow boots

Moda In Pelle Furrie boot

We’re not judging if you want to lose the heel entirely – the flat bottom of a snow boot offers excellent underfoot grip. Rain, sleet and snow don’t stand a chance against the protective lining of these Moda in Pelle Furrie pewter boots. I’m in love with the fur opening and combination of possibilities of this shoe. Ideal for the morning commute to work and high street Christmas shopping, these boots will be a key part of your winter wardrobe.

Wedge boots

You can’t go wrong with a pair of snug wedge boots this holiday season. Available in a variety of smart and casual styles, they are one of the most versatile boots to slip on this season. Wedges are an excellent middle ground for women who want to look a few inches taller without the worry of falling over. Appropriate day and night, the boots can be subtle with a hidden wedge, or sky-high and empowering. Whatever you choose, they’re a snug yet chic option this winter.

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