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Word of the Week: Brogue

Chie Mihara brizna-k heeled brogue
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A brogue is traditionally a heavy, Oxford-style shoe featuring pinked and perforated detailing. However, a brogue is any shoe that has perforations punched into the leather for decorative purposes. According to history, brogues were first created in Scotland and Ireland, where the perforations allowed for water that would seep into the shoes to drain out. Talk about footwear that is fashionable and functional!

Women Go Brogue

While originally designed for men, brogues have made their way into women’s wardrobes in the form of office-ready flats and fashion-forward pumps. Take for example this gorgeous electric blue Chie Mihara ‘Brizna-K’ heeled brogue. It is quite the departure from your father’s shoes! I’d wear these with a pleated skirt for a flirty look, and with dark-wash denim for a more tomboyish, casual feel.

Bonus Brogue Knowledge

“Punch cap” means there’s only broguing along the stitching of the cap. Another type of broguing is commonly seen along the W shapes on wingtip shoes.

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