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Ssh-oes Review: Heels Made For Quiet Steps

You are probably familiar with that “click-y” noise your heels make every time you take a step in heels. Some women love the sound and feel more confident with every heel strike. But that same sound can cause other women to cringe. Personally, the click-clack of heels doesn’t bother me, but for those looking for quiet heels, I’ve found the perfect solution!


I was recently introduced to Ssh-oes, the only comfortable heels specifically engineered to keep your steps quiet when you walk. I’m all about comfortable, stylish shoes, and so I had to give Ssh-oes a try! I received three pairs of Ssh-oes for review – two pairs of black pumps and one peep-toe shootie. Read on to see whether these really are quiet heels, and how they stood up to my tests.

Kate peep-toe shootie

Ssh-oes Kate shooties  2

I’m going to start out with my favorite: the Kate peep-toe shoe boots. Sumptuous black suede and trendy styling caused me to be instantly smitten. But when I test-drove them over the course of two full days, I really fell in love. The heels were incredibly quiet compared to my friend’s heels when we went out on a Thursday girl’s night. Plus, I received a few compliments on how they looked with my black leggings and draped tunic.

Ssh-oes Kate shootie

By far the best thing about these shooties is they are comfortable, and I’m not saying that lightly! Thanks to ample cushioning and the elastic ankle strap, I was able to stand and dance in these for hours without any soreness or blisters. When I find a heel that lets me feel fabulous while I look fabulous, I hold on to it, and shout it from the rooftops. So, here’s me SHOUTING!

Kate is from the Fall 2012 Ssh-oes collection.

Mary classic pump

Ssh-oes Mary black pumps

I also asked to try a classic pump, and the Mary is just that – a chic basic for any woman’s wardrobe. I tested these the day after I finished wearing the Kate peep toe booties, and I have to say they were a little less comfy because they have less padding (and no platform). However, they were comfortable enough for a full day at work and, I felt like a ninja at break time, silently tiptoeing across the tile floor.

$69 at

Vicky black pump

Ssh-oes Vicky kitten heels

I received one more classic black pump, the Vicky, for review. I love the cute little bow on the vamps of these kitten heels. I wore them to work the day after I tested the Mary. I found Vicky slightly more comfortable, and I enjoyed being able to sneak up on my coworker…ha! Seriously though, if you’re looking for a moderate heel that you can wear anywhere, I recommend the Vicky.

$89 at


I found Ssh-oes to be extremely comfortable, and they do stay true to their promise of silent steps. I have only one negative to report, and that is that the insoles started coming unglued after a few wears. This was easily remedied with some super glue.

While I wish there were a few more avant-garde shoe styles, I realize that Ssh-oes has made a huge leap forward in the name of comfortable fashion, and so I am fine with being patient and enjoying what is currently available. You can find a variety of classic pumps, sandals, wedges, and boots on the website at affordable prices.


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