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The Quest For Chic, Comfortable Shoes

How often do you find a cute pair of shoes that feel like complete torture once they’re on your feet? If you’re like me, it’s more often than you’d like. Some of us will suck it up and endure the discomfort (guilty as charged), making our feet, and our health, suffer. The search for chic, comfortable shoes is an incessant quest that quickly becomes frustrating when there are limited options available for multiple widths, especially when it comes to narrow shoes for women. Women with diabetes must choose specific types of shoes for their health, and many times they find themselves foregoing fashion altogether. However, I’ve found a couple of chic shoes with great width options that can be used for a variety of occasions, from everyday dress to business casual.

This black patent pump by Drew shoes was constructed with a thermo rubber outsole and dual density heel with EVA that maximizes shock absorption so the shoes feel as great at the end of the day, as they do when you first put them on. This classic style also comes with a Commuter Comfort System® clear gel insole that can be removed for prescribed orthotics. The sturdy, modest heel provides just enough lift without putting undue stress on your feet. This is the little black dress of your shoe wardrobe – wear it with absolutely anything and to any dressy occasion or casual get-together.

Drew Kerry dress shoes

This unique, sophisticated little black shoe named ‘Kerry’ features a patch pattern of beautiful kid skin, patent and suede leathers. This shoe has full leather lining and a flexible outsole making it one of the most comfortable dress shoes in the Drew line. This shoe also features the removable Commuter Comfort System™ clear gel insole with a cow leather topcover, and an inch-tall wide heel. Try this shoe as an alternative to the usual black career pump.

Aetrex Essence suede leather sneaker

The Aetrex Essence sneaker comes from a unique line of women’s casual diabetic shoes which feature soft full grain leather uppers with moisture-transferring polyester linings for comfort and breathability. The Aetrex Essence Collection incorporates many features to help prevent heel slippage, including soft padded collars, firm heel counters and a unique polyurethane outsole that flexes properly at the ball of the foot. This sporty sneaker is perfect for any weekend outings or a casual day at the office.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of options available if you have a narrow or wide foot. I’ve listed here just a few shoes, but more and more footwear options are becoming available as designers begin listening to the voice of the consumer. Here’s to finding your perfect fit, both for your personal style and your feet!


12 thoughts on “The Quest For Chic, Comfortable Shoes

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