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Fancy a Little Luxury?

Cruise Fashion wish list

Let’s face it – we all enjoy a little luxury in our lives, and if Sex and The City taught us anything its that designer shoes can transform you to fabulous in mere seconds. This season’s luxury brands have us covered from day to evening, high to flat, and whilst some may be a little out of most people’s price range, there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to own a pair one day. Needless to say, I’ve been online window-shopping, and here’s what’s caught my eye.

I love a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, no surprises there, and Cruise has a great collection. First on my shoe fairy wish list are the gorgeously divine Metallic Watersnake Claret Red Stilettos. Sleek design and a high shine red metallic leather make this shoe so eye catching, they’re a great height at four inches and would look amazing for the festive season. Who knows, maybe if I’m really good this year, Santa will leave a pair under the tree.

Next on my list is another Jimmy Choo selection, the Dart Biker Buckle Boots, which would be the perfect way to inject my wardrobe with some lavish edge. The buckle and belt detail and crinkled leather keep the styling distinctive. Just think how great they’d look with skinny jeans!

It would be a crime against designer shoes to mention SATC and not to mention Carrie’s favorite! Manolo Blahnik’s stunning Swan Embellished Satin Pumps are simply gorgeous with their ornate beaded embellishment and smooth black satin. They would instantly add glamour to any outfit. I’d also dare to say that this style would remain one of my go-to favorites for many years to come.

Chloé has also brought out some super-cute shoes recently. I love the Lauren leather ballet flats! They are cute and functional and feature an adorable scalloping trend. These flats can be worn from day to night and can suit both dressy occasions and more informal ones.

The last pair making the cut are the amazing Balenciaga Giant Stud Beige Wedge Sandals. I know, summer is over, but these shoes are just so cool! They are just casual enough to wear without feeling overdressed, but detailed enough to add some major flavor to an evening outfit. Thanks to the giant studs, you just know you’ll be turning heads wherever you go wearing them.

For a better look at this season’s beautiful designer shoes, check out Cruise’s selection, I’m off to find the matching accessories. Which are your favorites?


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