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Charmmis Customizable Flip Flops Review

Flip flops are a must-have for the summer months, but sometimes they can get a little boring. However one company offers flip flops that can be instantly updated in a snap.  Charmmis are flip flops that you can customize with interchangeable charms – they’re like earrings for your sandals!  Charmmis offers a variety of charm styles, and they are easy to change with the simple twist.

Pick It

Find a Charmmis charm you like from hundreds of options on their website.  Each charm costs between $3 and $10.

Charm It

It’s easy to install a charm!  Simply insert the charm into the charm lock key hole, hold the charm lock firmly, push down and turn clockwise 1/4 turn to the right to lock the charm into place.

Change It

To take off a charm, hold the charm lock firmly.  Push down on the charm and turn counterclockwise, 1/4 turn to the left, to unlock.  Remove and replace with another charm!

I received a pair of the black Charmmis flip flops with white painted flower charms for review.  The flip flop base reminds me of the wildly popular Havaianas flip flops, but with a more thickly padded sole.  The rubber toe post and strap is comfortable and there is enough traction on the bottom of the sole to prevent slipping around.

The flip flops cost between $16.99 and $39.99, and the charms cost between $3 and $10 a piece.  Visit www.charmmis.com to see the entire collection and order your own pair.

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