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Men’s Shoe Style: Shoes To Wear With A Tuxedo

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In the New Year I’m throwing in a few posts here and there about men’s shoe style.  Hopefully my women readers will find this helpful when shopping for their significant others.  And a few men who’ve kept an eye on my blog might enjoy these posts as well!  What do you think of Shoe Smitten featuring a monthly men’s post?

What kind of shoes do you wear with a tuxedo?

For formal occasions, all men should own a pair of tuxedo shoes. Pulling on your ordinary dress shoes just won’t cut it. They will not seem as formal and will completely mar your decked up look. Also, most of them fade with daily use and will not appear very ceremonial. Therefore, choosing a prim pair of tuxedo shoes is important. After you settle on the right pair, make sure that you sport them in style, and keep them polished well with a squeaky shine.

The most popular choice

Most tuxedos are all black, so nothing beats matching up classic black leather dress shoes with this look. You can also go for a shiny black pair of dress shoes. Patent leather shoes are not such a good idea, especially when wearing a kilt with your dinner jacket.

Colored varieties

If you have a bolder persona, then try on tux shoes that feature a hint of color. Black and white combo is a time-honored favorite. Pick out shoes that have contrasting colors on the piping or cut-out. With a brown or navy tuxedo you can wear brown tux shoes.


Both, lace up and slip on styles are available in tux shoes.  Choose according to your own personal taste, because neither is better than the other when it comes to making a style statement. But do consider the shape of your feet before choosing among the two. People with wide feet should wear lace ups as these can be made to fit easily by adjusting the laces. Oxfords, loafers and moccasins are a popular choice for tux shoes.


Simple round toe shoes look good on most men and are considered quite traditional. If you have a contemporary style, then don square toe shoes. Most of the time, the fit of square shoes will feel more snug. Wingtips are also quite trendy.


Leather, especially shiny leather, is the most tasteful when it comes to tux shoes. Also, a shine makes your formal tux shoes look different from the office dress shoes you wear every day. Shiny shoes will definitely make you look a lot more dapper and spruced up. Matte leather, on the other hand, looks traditional. If you are going for patent leather, then opt for real leather over the faux counterparts. Faux leather shoes are cheaper but the real leather shoes are more flexible, and allow for ample breathing room and easy movement. Some tux shoes are also available in suede and they mostly come in brown hues.


If you are tall then go for a standard heel. But if you are shorter, slip on shoes with a higher heel. Before buying tux shoes, test them for a while. Make sure that you can strut about wearing them for long hours. If you are not comfortable with the heels then you will end up looking awkward at the function. Bottom line: buy a height that you feel relaxed in.


About the guest author: Rebecca Jones is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology, and a couple of her recent articles are about luxury yachts and Miu Miu Handbags.

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