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Word of the Week: Finish

Photo: What I Wore 2Day

Finish is the process by which the final appearance of a shoe is created. The finish can include the application of polish to create a high-gloss finish, or a contrasting polish to create a rub-off finish like “antiquing”.  When you scratch your shoe, you’ve damaged the shoe’s finish.  The horror!

Luckily, you can also buy shoe finish to remove shoe scuffs and blemishes.  However, blogger Kasmira (pictured above) had moderate success using nail polish remover with acetone to remove a mark from her yellow pumps.  You can find an easy how-to article for using acetone to clean your shoes on YouLookFab.

These luxe Christian Dior peep-toe pumps have a python finish.  $660 at Saks.com

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