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Unique Small Shoes for a Wedding Big On Style (Guest Post)

Today’s brides are often looking for something special; a wedding that truly reflects their personalities and interests. Distinctive theme weddings and unusual wedding locations are becoming increasingly popular. Here is a look at a few unique wedding options along with the women’s shoes size 2+ that would be most appropriate for the occasion.

Medieval or Renaissance Fairytale Wedding

There are castle venues throughout the UK and Europe that are the perfect backdrop for a fantasy wedding. Invite your guests to come in costume. As for bridal wear, a colorful silk or velvet dress with flowing bell-shaped sleeves and a dropped waist, or tight corsets and a full skirt would be ideal. A perfect compliment to the dress would be a romantic little moccasin-style open-toe sandal exquisitely fashioned from fine leather. These unique shoes are made by Renaissance Moccasins. You’ll be able to dance the night away in this comfortable footwear.

Saddle Up!

If you’ve always longed to be a cowgirl, why not have a western-style country wedding.  A barn makes the perfect venue for the wedding and reception, decked out with bales of hay, wagon wheels, old farm implements, and garlands of greenery and wildflowers. For the bride, a frilly waltz-length gown or sundress would show off a gorgeous pair of beautifully embroidered cowboy boots.

Daredevil Bungy-Jumping Wedding

If you are really ready to take the plunge, a bungy-jumping wedding will give you a major adrenalin rush. After you and your intended take your vows in front of your guests, the two of you, bound together at the ankles, will step off into a heart-stopping free fall. Many couples make the leap in full wedding regalia. Savvy Sneaks custom bridal sneakers are the perfect choice for bungy-jumping nuptials. These white sneakers are customized to order with elegant sheer ribbon, satin roses, pearl beads or crystal rhinestones.

Ice Chapel Wedding

For those who don’t mind the cold and are looking for a truly unique place to wed, the Ice Hotels in Sweden or in the French Canadian province of Quebec both have an Ice Chapel that is a popular wedding venue. The hotels are constructed completely from ice and welcome guests each year for a three month period during the winter. This is the perfect place for an all-white wedding and the ideal shoes to complement a flowing white gown are a pair of cozy, fur trimmed pumps by Bebe. The newlyweds can spend their wedding night in the crystalline wonder of the hotel, where all of the furniture, including the fur covered beds, is made of ice.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are a great summertime alternative. Whether you opt for a tropical isle or white sands of Scotland’s breathtaking Camusdarroch Beach, the sea breezes and the sound of the waves always create a romantic backdrop for your special day. The perfect shoes for a wedding on the beach are these Toga crystal-embellished sandals.

So have some fun and ignore tradition.  Make your wedding day a special experience that you will always treasure.

Guest Post by Nisha Sharma, editor of, an online store featuring a great selection of women’s shoes size 2+.

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