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Relax In Style With Sandaloha Surf Slippers

You know I don’t generally write blog posts about flip-flops, but I highly recommend Sandaloha Surf Slippers for when you’re taking a break from those fabulous heels we all love.  Hailing from Hawaii, Sandaloha makes the most comfortable thong sandals, plus they’re pretty cute. And there’s more to them than meets the eye.  In the bottom of the shoes, concealed pockets let you store your driver’s license, key, a twenty…whatever you need to keep handy when you don’t have pockets, whether you’re at the beach, running errands or lounging at home.  They float in water, so no worries if you’re out on a boat or jet skis because if you go overboard, whatever you have in there will safely float on the surface and be easy to retrieve.

Dubbed “the floating wallet you can wear on your feet”, Sandaloha Surf Slippers are made of memory foam, and they massage your feet with every step.  I wear them around the apartment when I’m lounging on the weekends as well as for quick errands down the street. The only negative thing I can say about them is that they do squeak a bit when you wear them, but when you’re lounging or out at the beach, really, who cares??

To seal my love for the company and their sandals, CPO Cameron Olson sent me two handwritten postcards from Hawaii along with two pairs of sandals to review.  Not many people take the time to write handwritten notes anymore, especially in retail, so the postcards were pleasant surprises.  Now I have the strong desire to pack my bags and visit Hawaii, its gorgeous views and its warm people.

Sandaloha Surf Slippers come in four different colors.  To learn more or buy a pair or two of your own, visit

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