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Add Cheer To Rainy Days With Dav Waterproof Flats and Pumps

Here in New York, when it rains the daily commute gets a little messy.  In fact, the sprint to the train is a little like an obstacle course, jumping over puddles, dodging grates and scaling stairs.  Needless to say, once I realized I didn’t bring any rain boots with me when I moved here, I desperately needed to find a pair.  But I was looking for something more, something that would brighten my day and make me feel stylish.  That’s why, when Dav approached me, I was thrilled!  Not only do they offer a wide selection of patterned, colored, zippered rain boots, but they have…rain flats?  Cute rubber pumps?!  I had to have a pair of both, and Dav graciously sent them over for review.  Here’s my take…

REVIEW: I like the look of both the pink leopard flats and the red toe cap pumps.  I wish the shoes came in half-sizes because the space allowed for the toes in the flats seems cramped.  But even so, I wore them a few times over the last two weeks without major discomfort.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing the flats on a cold day or through puddles because they are low cut.  They are better for a warm spring or summer shower (GumDrops agrees).  The pumps fit true to size, and look classy for dressier occasions, and I think would hold up year-round.  Thanks to the patented PVC uppers on the shoes, your feet stay dry, and all Dav shoes include a Poron insert, which helps with shock absorption for ultimate comfort.

The leopard flats cost $29 and the pumps $59…my opinion is you will still need a regular rain boot for those truly down-and-dirty days.  Dav also has some great rain boot choices, as you can see!  But if you’re looking for something fun to spice up your rainy-day wardrobe, Dav flats and Dav pumps are perfect.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Teen Vogue featured the wedged-belted ankle Dav rain boot, and the leopard print Dav rain boots were recently featured in People Magazine.


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