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All About the Shoes in The Sex and the City 2 Movie

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Last night I had a cosmo and saw SATC2 with @Fabulous_Soles, and we had a fabulous time!  Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think of the story/shoes?  I thought SATC2 was enjoyable, and even though the first movie did more for me in terms of the storyline and fashion (hello, the gorgeous wedding dresses and the fantasy closet), I have to say the sequel featured the hottest shoes.  My favorite?  It’s impossible to choose just one, but Charlotte’s peach and creme Christian Louboutin pumps were gorgeous:

So many hot designer shoes made an appearance that it was impossible to keep track of them all, but I’ve managed to round up some of the best posts.  Here we go:

Shoeblog recommends the book Sex and the City 2: The Stories. The Fashion. The Adventure ($19.77 at Amazon) and features a few pages from it, showing readers who designed those shoes in the SATC2 movie.

Running With Heels features even more of Carrie and company: the shoes.  I really can’t get enough of these studded lavender Brian Atwood pumps!

$800 at

Fairy Shoe Princess highlights some affordable alternatives to the designer shoes seen in the movie.

OK Magazine sat down with costume designer Patricia Field, and discovers that she was focused on the clothes this time:

“To me, it was more about the clothes. The shoe was whatever shoe went with it. Whatever shoe works. It wasn’t a brand and it wasn’t a gladiator. It was a myriad of shoes. I like pumps – a classic, tapered, light shoe. You know the gladiators – what happens when there’s a trend, it gets to a point where you can’t look at it anymore, like ’stop!’”

Jezebel gives a live minute-by-minute coverage of the flick.

Take this fun quiz to discover your Sex and the City red high heel style.  I’m a mix of Carrie and Charlotte!

And if you’re in the mood for a little reminiscing, ShoeHunting tackles all twelve years of fabulous shoes in the original series.

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  1. […] I have fallen head over heels in love with NYC since moving there in January, and while it’s nice to be back home in Kansas for a few weeks, I have to say that I pine for the city.  When I saw these Empire State Building heels by Italian shoe brand Geox, I actually gasped.  Not only do I LOVE that the entire shoe sparkles, but this is the ultimate tribute to the allure and glamour of the city that never sleeps.  Don’t you think these should have made an appearance in SATC2?! […]

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