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Fearless Friday: Jimmy Choo ‘Gesture’ Leopard Platform Sandal

To give you the full effect of today’s Fearless Shoe, I must show it from all angles:

Say hello to the JIMMY CHOO – GESTURE KALBLEDER LACK IN LEOPARDE!  This patent leather platform sandal with heavy strapping creates a bold silhouette, while the heel is slender and chic.  Some celebrities that have worn the ‘Gesture’ include Ashley Simpson-Wentz, Evan Rachel Wood and Britney Spears (as seen on coolspotters).  I find the name ‘Gesture’ funny, because this shoe does much more than gesture to passers-by.  Feeling really bold?  The ‘Gesture’ pump also comes in hot pink!

What is a Fearless Shoe?

To me, a Fearless Shoe is a shoe that is super-high, at least a little rebellious and a shoe that you wear because you love it, regardless of what others might think.  This Fearless Friday I decided to ask a few of my Twitter friends their take on what a Fearless Shoe should be, and everyone’s idea was a little different.  Here’s what a few had to say:

A fearless shoe would be one that pushes the limits like Jeffery Campbell Mel (Balmain). High heels and totally all out style! -@thehousewife

A ‘fearless shoe’ is a shoe that u buy that A–may or may not match anything and B–probably something no one else will like. -@MeleaMauldin

You can never go wrong with Louboutin Pigalle pumps. Perfect for work or on the town. -@BlondHousewife

What is a “fearless shoe” to you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section :)

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