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Word of the Week: Shootie

chie mihara shootie

Chie Mihara Women’s Atame Shootie
, $379.90

A shootie (aka shoe boot) is the perfect shoe for someone who doesn’t want to pick between a boot and a pump. Shooties flatter heavier ankles, elongate the leg, and they are making a major appearance in fall fashions again this year.  Wear your shooties with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, sweater dresses, or mini skirts with tights.  I favor shooties that have feminine accents, like the Chie Mihara Women’s Atame Shootie shown above, but whatever your taste, a basic black shoe boot is an essential element in any woman’s shoe collection.

Head over to to read an answer the question, where does the shootie end and the bootie begin? Basically, a bootie is anything that comes up over the ankle, while a shootie will stop around the same place as a sneaker. Shooties are also typically dressier than booties.

Do you have shooties in your closet?

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