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Word of the Week: Sole

You probably already know that the sole of a shoe is the bottom part of a shoe, not including the heel.  So instead of define this word, I want to have some fun and take a look at some shoes that have colorful, decorated soles.  While the designs will undoubtedly disappear with time and wear, you can’t deny the extra appeal a flash of unexpected color or a glimpse of pattern can add to a shoe.  The care and attention to detail that goes into these gorgeous soles is amazing – someone took the time to make sure that even the part of the shoe that goes mostly unseen is beautifully decorated!  Now that is a sign of a shoe designer who truly loves their work, if you ask me.  ShoeBlog and I are suckers for sensational soles like these.  Which is your favorite? (see below the break for more)

Pictured above: Betsey Johnson – Deandra (Black/White)

Beverly Feldman – Dynamo (Multi Croc Patent)

Beverly Feldman – Desiree (Gold Python Printed Leather)

Irregular Choice – Whitney (Purple Kid Suede)

Poetic Licence: Poetic Licence Shoes

And of course, the always-in-style Christian Louboutin red sole:

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