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Word of the Week: Gait

Gait is an individual’s style of walking.  Walking is the most common human gait.  Women who walk with a hip sway are generally considered to be more physically attractive.  So it’s no wonder that us ladies like to wear high heels, which throw off our natural gait and emphasize the hip movement.  What’s more, a study by Stuart Brody of University of the West of Scotland even says women’s gait reflects their orgasmic ability!

Still, as we already know, high heels deviates the natural gait, causing all sorts of damage to the feet and back.  There is a long trail of evidence on the problems caused by high heels, including bunions, deformities such as hammertoe, a shortening of the Achilles tendon and stress fractures.  Also, when people in high heels walk down stairs, the dynamics of their gait shift markedly from how they would descend barefoot or in low-heeled shoes. Force is transferred away from the heel and toward the toe.

There are ways to minimize the harm done by wearing high heels (because we all love heels too much to give them up):

  • Practice walking in stilettos – Check out the article I wrote on Dr. Legs and her Catwalk Confidence workout series, and think about picking up a set and strengthening and increasing flexibility in your foot and leg muscles.
  • Mix it up – Don’t wear heels every day; wear a combination of flat and heeled shoes to give your body time to recover from the effects.
  • Buy shoes with Insolia technology – Insolia wasinvented by podiatrist Dr. Howard Dananberg and consists of padded implants in the structure of the shoe which helps ensure that the wearer doesn’t feel any discomfort.  Insolia shifts your weight from the balls of your feet back onto your heels and improves your body alignment and balance.  Some popular brands including DKNY and RSVP have used Insolia technology in its high heel designs.

rsvp - Sammy W/Insolia (Bone Kid Leather) - Footwear

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