My Predictions For The New Shoe Year

It’s time to start talking about Spring and Summer 2009 shoes!  But before I show you the latest shoe designs and trends being publicized by designers and other fashion industry experts, I want to make a few general predictions for the New Shoe Year.  Let’s see if they come true!

2009 is a year for change and optimism, and there are major socioeconomic struggles we will have to face. Now more than ever, we are attracted to shoes that capture our imagination and help us forget our troubles.  We have an emotional connection with our shoes. As strange as that might sound, think back to the last pair of shoes you really admired – were they more practical or whimsical?  Stilettos will be the most popular shoe fashion statement of 2009, because they boost our confidence and improve posture, not to mention they help us walk with more swagger.  Because most of us will have less expendable money, we will be looking for shoes that turn heads and give us more bling for our buck.

Anna’s Predicted 2009 Trends:

  • Super stilettos with platforms and outlandish silhouettes will be even more popular.
  • It’s all in the heel – unusual shapes, embellishments and textures of the heel will take center stage.
  • Bright, colorful shoes will be the accessory of choice, and they will dominate neutral apparel.
  • The retro inspiration will continue, with funky twists on classic styles such as maryjanes and pumps.
  • Moccasins and fringed boots will probably stick around, but they won’t be as sloppy as we saw this fall.  I bet they take on a more sophisticated look (think heels and finer fringe) perfect for any bohemian princess!

What do you predict for the New Shoe Year?

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