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Word of the Week: Penny-Loafer

The penny-loafer is a slip-on style shoe usually with moccasin construction and a slit over the instep where a penny traditionally was placed for good luck.  They first appeared in the 1930s, and were made of leather and only worn in formal situations.

Loafers are worn by both men and women, but historically more often by men. Men wore them without socks in the ’60s, a fashion trend that started on campuses where male students didn’t wear socks, even in the wintertime.  Nowadays it is a classic to wear sockless loafers with jeans, chinos, and a blazer for a dressier look.  Women are wearing the penny-loafer in heeled variations for a sophisticated and feminine look.


John Varvatos – Soft Constructed Penny Loafer (Black)

John Varvatos - Soft Constructed Penny Loafer (Black) - Footwear

Cole Haan – Air Delancy Penny (Dark Brown Tumbled)

Cole Haan - Air Delancy Penny (Dark Brown Tumbled) - Footwear


Dollhouse Women’s Candis Penny Loafer

Dollhouse Women's Candis Penny Loafer

Marc by Marc Jacobs 684842

Jessica Bennett ‘Jira’

Fun fact: A particular type of penny-loafer, the “tasseled loafer”, is has been stereotypically associated with attorneys.

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