Christian Dior, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Embossed Leather

Embossed leather is a design that is imprinted onto leather and often simulates exotic skin – i.e., croco or snake. It may also be a random pattern.  On shoes, embossed leather can add a rich and luxurious look to any style of shoe.  Embossed leather, especially that which simulates python skin, is popular this season.  Check out these beautiful –Dior Jeweled Embossed Python Slingback heels, which were featured on ShoeBlitz.  The shoes feature tiny pearls on the toes with other jewel embellishments.  Simply gorgeous!  Do you just have to have them?  You can try to get a pair now at Neiman Marcus, but they seem to currently be unavailable (and they sell for over $1000!).

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