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Word of the Week: Oxford

An oxford is a traditional term describing a low shoe laced or tied over the instep.  Oxford shoes are traditionally constructed of heavy leather and were historically rather plain. The shoes originally appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they are occasionally called Balmorals. The design of the shoe is often plain, but may include some small ornamentation or perforations. The Balmoral, or Bal Oxford, has closed lacing, with the lacing stays meeting at the bottom in a V pattern (see picture to thr right).  The Blucher has eyelet stays that do not meet.  (contemporary women’s styles below break)

Contemporary Oxford shoes may be constructed in many different styles bearing little resemblance to historical Oxford shoes.  Contemporary Oxfords may be constructed of tanned leather, suede leather, or even synthetic materials. Most designs could be classified as dress shoes or dress casual. Most modern Oxfords have a piece of leather stitched over the toe section and are sometimes called cap-toe Oxfords or Oxford caps.

I really like the contemporary versions of the oxford that are available to women.  This L.A.M.B. oxford pump is retro glam and has tailored t-straps .

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