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Word of the Week: Ombre

Ombre (or umbrae) is a type of shadow, but the word alludes to a sunspot, or a shadow cast on the sun by a planet.  When applied to shoes, you’ve got something amazing: a detail (or entire shoe) that starts with one color and fades or blends into another!  This is the hottest trend in women’s footwear right now, so go ahead and impress your friends with your new vocabulary word. They’ll be jealous you heard of this fantastic new trend first!

Ombre shoes are more versatile than they’re single-shaded counterparts.  You can wear the same pair of shoes one day with a pair of black pants, and the next day wear them with jeans, if they are blue and black.  They are a great way for women who usually shy away from patterns to break away from solids without commiting to a print.Jessica Simpson - Belina (Ruby Degrade Patent) - Footwear

Jessica Simpson - Josette (Grass Degrade Patent) - FootwearMy favorite shoes with ombre coloring are made by Jessica Simpson: the ‘Josette’ pump (left, $83.00 at Zappos) and the Belina (Ruby Degrade Patent) (right, $73 at Zappos).

To illustrate the ombre concept, check out Solevoice‘s video, in which you’ll get a 360-degree view of the new Enzo Angiolini Legs in White Patent.  This shoe illustrates ombre in the sexy stacked heel.

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