Spring 2008 Trend: Jelly Shoes

The last time I even thought about jelly shoes was when I was 5 years old, and even then they were outdated! However, jelly shoes are making a reappearance as a spring 2008 trend. If you are willing to face the sore spots and sweaty feet that come with jelly shoes, I suggest buying some comfort pads at a shoe department, and don’t expect to wear your jellies for a long walk.

Here are few (limited) times when I think jelly shoes are appropriate and might even be fun:

  • Step into the office in jellies. Maybe they will awaken your inner child, and you won’t be walking much, so you’ll avoid blisters.
  • Wear them to a weekend event. They are a casual type of shoe, so pair them with Bermudas and a cute top, a bright sun dress, or jeans and a graphic tee.

Have you already bought a pair of jellies this season? If so, share your pictures with me! Personally, I think I will be avoiding this particular trend.

I will leave you with a few jellies I do like. First of all, if you’re going to try jellies for the first time, don’t spend alot of money on them. Target has women’s Xhilaration Georgi Jelly Ballet Flats that are charming for only $8.99.

If you’re a veteran jelly shoe lover, try the SKECHERS Cali Surfer or the Kate Spade Maui jelly Flip Flop.

I will say that I think jelly shoes are cute on little girls, like these Belle Deluxe Jelly Shoes.

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